Ear Gauging Tips – What To Do and What to Avoid

Planning to get your ear stretched? Remember that whether you are piercing your ear or stretching, if not rightly done you may end up having ears blown out, infected lobes, and ripped lobes.

It is important that you take utmost care of your stretched area and research properly how it is done. You can obtain your entire ear stretching kit from many online and offline stores. Properly cleaning your stretched area will certainly help you avoid bacteria and stench odor from that area.

What to do and what not to?


  • For starters, a size of 16 taper is suggested. It can be quite painful and take a long time to heal if you go for size 14.
  • Then, you can continue to the size, 16,14,12…..2,0,00,7/16…so on. Another thing doesn’t skip sizes because it may tear your ear lobes inside down and will be incredibly painful.
  • Remember before gauging, apply some ointment on the taper so it makes easier to move through the lobe. Gauging dryly will result to infection and tearing.
  • Do not leave the taper inside for a long time, not more than 1 day. Remove the taper and replace it by a plug after putting the taper for 24 hours. Tapers aren’t meant to be worn as jewelry. They are used for sizing up our ear lobe.


You should at least clean your freshly gauges lobe twice in a day and may be more if you can. Use a piercing cleaner or antibacterial soap and cotton balls or the clean q-tips in doing so. Cleanliness is a very significant part of the gauging. If not cleaning properly, it may also cause infection and also you may lose your ear lobe.

Do not use silicone in gauging if possible. Silicone if not correctly used will seriously mess up your ear lobes. It is advisable not to use it at all cost because it can cause infection and even blown lobes. It is very important that you research properly to do it just right whether you are piercing your ear or gauging.