Tips for using a straight razor

Shaving is an art on its own, to get rid of all your facial hair without any cuts or bumps is a technique that only a few have mastered yet. If you’re a newbie and this is your first time shaving then you might want to start with Straight Razor that is not just cheaper but also better when it comes to quality.

Tips for shaving

The first tip to keep in mind is to never rush the process, abusing your face merely to save 5 seconds will do you no good. In order to make sure that you come out of this cuts-free, take your time shaving slowly. Secondly, always make sure that you wash your face before shaving. In such cases, facial cleansers work best because they soften your hair in the process and also rid your face of any impurities. This makes shaving less brutal and easier. When your beard is thoroughly wet, it becomes weaker. Doesn’t put up much of a fight during shaving and that is how you avoid razor bumps. The next important tip to remember is to apply shaving cream in huge quantity. This has a number of benefits and the more it stays on your face the better. The ideal time is said to be three minutes. Using a shaving cream that suits you is also important. It needs to be of a good quality, one that creates lather, not foam. It saves you from after shave irritation and razor bumps. Always opt for a shaving brush, it comes in handier than you think it would. By exfoliating, it removes your dead skin and makes your skin feel smooth. For those who struggle with rough skin, know just how important this is.  You must remember to always shave in the direction of hair growth which ensures the removal of all hair right from the roots. But at the end, it all comes down to the quality of your razor. Invest in a quality sharp razor blade like Straight Razor and shaving will become more into a pleasant morning ritual than a frustrating chore. Let Straight Razor be your savior.